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Wearing mouth/nose protection at appointments is voluntary.

As a state certified and sworn translator registered at the Regional Court of Hanover I have express permission to provide certified translations in the languages English and German. Certified translations are usually required by a university, a public authority or a registry office (see here for further information: Link). A translation of a certificate done by yourself or even by Google Translate is not acceptable for these recipients.

Certificates that need official sworn translations include for example:
Birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, certificate of no impediment to marriage
Driver's licence, certificate of good conduct (clearance record), German registration certificate
A-Level certificate, diploma certificate, transcript of records, Master's certificate, Bachelor's certificate, school leaving certificate
Commercial re-registration, commercial register extract, business contract, last will and testament, contract of inheritance
Medical report
Letter of Reference from Employer

I provide certified and sworn translations of certificates for those affected by Brexit and for those generally applying for naturalization.

My customers mainly include private individuals, courts, research institutes, universities or NGOs.

I translate from German into English and from English into German.

Your query is processed by me personally and not anonymously by a translation agency. I usually manage to respond to your query on the same day.

For a quote, just send me your document that is to be translated either by e-mail or as a photo from your smartphone. Your details will be treated confidentially and are subject to data protection.

++ I do not send documents abroad (not even within the EU), but only within Germany. ++

October 2022

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